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Bill Strydesky

Myrtle Beach, S.C.

When you first meet Bill Strydesky it quickly becomes apparent that you are dealing with a true original. His 6’ 3” frame is topped off with long, silvery hair escaping from his signature black beret and a broad smile. Bill is a character, a visionary with a big heart and a playfulness that includes you. You can usually find Bill painting in his studio where he is likely to ask your favorite color then start painting with it or even hand you his brush and say go ahead and paint. When asked if he gives painting classes, he says sure then proceeds to paint a box and says, “now paint outside it!” Bill Strydesky began his journey on the artist path as a child in N.J. where he started painting at the age of twelve. Years later in Washington, D.C., he would expand his interest into works expressing his rich emotional life using oil pastels. Today, Bill paints acrylic creations that represent both his response to the world around him and his own inner world. He was profoundly affected by the events of 911 at which point his work changed dramatically. His color palette literally exploded, and his definition became much more clear and dynamic. It is his inner world that is most represented in his paintings which push the limits of the status quo and prove that Bill’s work is beyond convention. The images he created are filled with provocative shapes, intense colors and energetic movement which transport the viewer into uncharted territory, also known as “Planet Bill”. Bill is a gifted artist whose bold colors and unusual subject matter stir the imagination and frequently evoke an emotional response. Some have left me speechless, in a good way. Bill rarely comments on his own paintings. His work does in fact stand on its own. He prefers to leave everything to the viewer’s imagination, that way they can participate. He’s always interested in what you see and what you have to say. Nevertheless, Bill paints for himself every day, whatever he feels like painting. He has exhibited his work in numerous shows and galleries as well with several one man shows over the years. His work can be found in the homes of discerning collectors all over the world. Bill is a supporter of the arts as well as a collector of art. His personal collection is impressive and includes world renowned artists as well as local artists that are just starting out. Visit his studio located at 510 US Hwy. 17 South, Surfside Beach. South Carolina or contact Bill by phone at 843-267-4477 or e-mail at