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Donald Perry

Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Donald Perry was born in Zebulon, North Carolina in 1969. Having grown up in a small country town, he always had strong interests in nature and sports, but always internally searching for his true love of art and design. Donald began group art classes at the age of seven including drawing and oil painting, which he attributes to learning the basic skills of a fine artist. Drawing and painting landscapes and still life’s, really bored his mind and soul, so he skipped out of art class to play. Donald continued to focus on the fundamentals of fine art throughout his formative years, but nature’s truth always pulled him back outdoors. Upon the completion of high school, he went on to play college baseball and study fine art, graphic design, photography, illustration and creative writing, receiving a Bachelor of Science in Visual Communications from Mount Olive University.

After completing his degree, Donald focused all of his attention to art and design, which turned out to be a black and white partnership. The paintings and drawings Donald hangs and posts online are only part of the narrative. As an artist, he works hard to develop art releasing the truth inside a negative world. The positives inside negative expression is his main focus while always transforming reality in order to give his story a voice.

Donald developed his techniques specifically to capture and emphasize the flowing creativity inside a non-traditional approach to composition. He choose different mediums to give himself flexibility and sanity. The evolution of his work is created by analyzing and observing life, death, positives, negatives, balance, mind, body and soul. He makes every attempt to speak to himself and others about the truth inside every piece of art he creates. As you will see, it’s not a beautiful still life or landscape, “it’s his truth” and what has turned into a portal of negative and positive reflections of life. His influences are so vast he said, “life is the only influence you really need”.

Donald also published 14 issues of Dot Dot Dot Magazine a creative lifestyle print and online magazine between 2012-2015 and a 204 page black and white perfect bound printed photo book of a collection of three years on the road with featuring modern art, music, style and other original works. Donald launched this project to explore unique artistic creations that push the boundaries of the establishment in order to evoke debate in the art world and promote art that questions the mind while helping the viewer to identify with the lifestyle and artist within. Also in 2015, he published an art book of 300+ drawings created while on the road talking to other established and emerging artists. “The Positives Inside Negative Expression” was featured on Amazon and Barnes & Noble in 2015-2016.

Donald currently lives and works in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina after moving from Wilmington and Carolina Beach, North Carolina in 1999. If you would like more details, please contact Donald by email at: or phone at: 843-450-2202.